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**NOTICE**: Due to operational impacts resulting from COVID-19, staffing will likely be limited for the foreseeable future. If you have a building inspection scheduled for today and would like to know who your inspector is, or what time they will arrive, click on the 'Reports (1)' link directly above this text and select 'Today's Building Inspections'. (The finalized inspection list will be available by 7:30 a.m.)


Scheduling an inspection is easy!
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Welcome to the Building Division OPS Portal

Ready to apply for your permit?

STEP 1: Prepare your forms

If you haven't already prepared your forms, please visit the City's 
Applications, Forms, & Handouts page to determine which forms are required for your project. DO NOT PROCEED until you have prepared your forms as you will be required to upload them during the application process.

STEP 2: Apply for your permit

If you've already prepared your forms, simply select the option to "Create an Application" above.

Please Note* - Contractor Declarations or Owner Builder Forms are required for every building permit application.

General Search

1. Choose your search type from the dropdown in the blue bar above. 
    Available options are:

        • General Search (Permit Number)
        • Address
        • Licensed Professional Information
        • Record Information

2. Enter Record Number (e.g., BD18-xxxx)
3. Click Search

Results will display at the bottom of the page after clicking the Search button.

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